Do you want engaging copy to sell your product? Look no further. I write well-crafted, coherent copy to call consumers to action. This includes website copy, newsletters, press releases, brochures, sales pages and more.

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Content Writing

Want creative web content for your website or blog post? Or perhaps you need to put together an article or newsletter and you’re too busy doing all the other important stuff you need to do. I can help. Have a blank space to fill and you just need the right words? Get in touch. I write exceptionally high quality content to inform, explain and entertain.

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Sometimes it’s hard to spot your own mistakes, no matter how long you look at a piece of writing. You may have written an article, dissertation, blog, personal statement, letter of application or even a book, and need an expert to check your grammar, spelling and punctuation. Send me your work and I’ll check it and check it again, to ensure it’s readable and free from error.

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Editing is the next step up from proofreading. I’ll check the sense and flow of your sentences as well as grammar, spelling and punctuation, suggest where changes could be made and where to cut excess word baggage. Sometimes we write sentences we consider beautiful, like little stars in a sky of words. Too often these stars detract from our true meaning and have to fall.

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Rewriting is more in depth than proofreading and editing. Let’s discuss what you want to say, so I can get the true sense of it, and I’ll rewrite so your message comes across loud and clear. Whether this is a blog post, an article, a personal statement for university or letter of application for a job, I’m here to help you get your words sorted and make them say exactly what you want them to say.

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Creative Writing

Wedding Poems
Why search the web for poems that have been read out at thousands of other weddings? Make your friends and family smile, laugh or even cry with a poem written for the person you love. Tell me what’s so great about your husband or wife to be, why you love them, why they are special to you, and I will create a personalised poem that comes from your heart.

Wedding Speeches
Perhaps you’re a bridesmaid or close friend who is doing a speech or a reading, or the best man or father of the bride not sure what to say. Let me take some of the pressure off you and help you feel confident that the words you read out on this special day give the message you truly want to convey.

Personalised poems
Maybe there is someone who doesn’t realise how much they mean to you, and you want to write a poem, perhaps to give on Valentine’s Day, which says it all. I can help. A personalised poem also makes a great birthday gift for a special birthday, be it a tenth, a thirtieth or an eightieth: it’s something to be treasured and something I can help you to write.

Grieving is a very personal process and being asked to write a funeral speech at such a difficult time can be stressful. I can help you put together the right words to celebrate the life of the person you have lost and share how much they meant to you and to others in their life.