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A Poem for Alice and Phil

I have never met Phil or Alice but I got to know them indirectly through stories I was told and put together this poem, written from the perspective of Phil's sister, who commissioned me to write it to celebrate Phil's marriage to Alice. It was so lovely to hear about the happiness that Phil and Alice are bringing to each other along, with a mutual respect, and the love that Phil's family have for them both.

For Phil and Alice

For my brother and his beautiful wife,
We wish you all the happiness in life.
You are made for each other: it’s plain to see
And your love for one another holds the key.
Alice so patient and caring and kind -
Watching Crystal Palace, she doesn’t mind.
You’re together
And that’s all that matters, you know
Who cares where in the world you might go?

You’re always smiling and know how to have fun
Swimming with Pigs in the Bahamas
Drinking cocktails in the sun.
A life full of laughter
A life full of love
A life without adventure
Would never be enough.
You know how to grab each moment you get —
Phil will jump on a plane
Without a second’s regret
To meet you Alice
Wherever you are
Because you’re the love of his life
His shining star.

Bethany and Annabelle love you so much
Uncle Phil from China
You always stay in touch.
For your family and friends
You always have the time
And though you live far away
You’re always in our minds.
We wouldn’t wish it any other way
As now you’ve found your soul mate
It doesn’t matter where you stay.

Phil and Alice
Alice and Phil
You love each other
and always will.
Phil’s happier than he’s ever been
And this is down to you,
we’ve seen.
Your love and friendship
Your zest for life
We are all so thrilled
You’re now his wife.