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A Plan is a Friend

You may think this in direct contrast to my last thoughts but, I assure you, it’s not! Something that can help get our thoughts in order is a plan, and not just one in our heads. Grab a pen and paper, grab your phone, iPad, laptop, whatever is to hand and jot down your thoughts about what you want to achieve from your task. Writing with a purpose needs to be just that, purposeful, so a few helpful reminders to keep you on the right track are vital. Maybe you’re writing an essay – what question are you trying to answer and what are the essential points you need to put across? Jot these down and your subconscious will start creating answers for you, even while you’re doing other stuff. Even the handy shopping list is essentially a plan – doing an online shop or breezing through a supermarket is a whole lot more efficient when you know what you need. Take it one step further – check what’s in your cupboards and freezer and plan your meals to save even more time and money in the long run.

You could be interviewing someone for an article – write down the main things you want to cover so you don’t miss anything during the snippet of time you have with the interviewee. Maybe you’re creating a website, or having someone create it for you – think about what you want the world to see.

A plan is a friend, something to lean on, to refer to, to hold on to when needed. If you’re feeling creative and the words are flowing you might not need a plan at all, but if you’re struggling, visit your trusty friend for advice.